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This is our official 2021 Deadlift Party shirt.   If you are part of the event, you will automatically get one of these.  But if you are just not into deadlifts (for whatever reason :p ) and you love the design, this is your chance.  It's also a way to help the event as we VERY close to having this event fully covered by our sponsors.  I couldn't be more excited, blown away, and just outright amazed with the amount of love our community/friends/family have for our Weight House fam.  


Thanks in advance!   


We will have the shirts ready for our deadlift event on October 3rd.  So feel free to come spectate and pick up your shirt, pick it up any other time after, or if you pay for shipping we can ship it out to you.  


NOT PICTURED is all of our sponsors on the back of this shirt.    We don't have all of our sponsors yet so the image has not been produced yet. 

2021 Orlando Deadlift Shirt

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