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Elevate Your Fitness Journey: Experience Clean, Exclusive, and Personalized Workouts at Our Private Boutique Gym.

Redefine your expectations for a fitness facility.

      Private and Safe

A 24 hour member based club with a reservation only model. 

      Clean Environment

A place to workout hard, and not have to worry about cleanliness.  


A friendly environment to feel comfortable and welcomed. 

Step into your personalized fitness sanctuary: Enjoy a tidy, secluded, and invigorating zone to take full control of your workout narrative.

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Check out our merch!

Take a second to explore our handcrafted merch. From shirts to mugs, we have something for everyones taste!

The Weight House Blog

your local spot to find out tips, info and helpful hints that can assist you on your fitness journey, click the link below to check it out. 

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